Deals and Discounts


This week's sales in Williston include:

15% off Lemon Skunk Quarters

Sweet and skunky flavors.

15% off Cheesiel or Sour Diesel Eighths

Flavors of earth and pine OR sour and citrus.

15% off ALL Pure Dakota Topicals and Pure Dakota Oil (PDO)

Topicals and PDO's may be great alternatives for those looking to avoid inhalation.

Sale prices are available 8/16-8/20. Discounts are on standard pricing only while supplies last. 

Introducing: Dosi Cookies ✨

Dosi Cookies is an extremely pungent Indica dominant strain rich in terpenes and an enjoyable flavor profile. Many users experience thorough body effects with the potential for reduced aches and pains along with increased lethargy. Improved mood along with euphoria are common, but sedative properties may make Dosi Cookies more suitable as a nighttime option.


Get Dosi Cookies today!