Deals & Discounts

Save on all dabbables this week, what are those? Live Resin, Wax, Crumble, Shatter are all dabbables, just to name a few. They provide patients with an immediate activation period and allows for a more pure/efficient delivery of THC into the body.:

Compassionate Care, veteran, or senior discounts do not stack with weekly sales, blowout sales, special event day sales, holiday sales, or BOGO sales. Additionally, Compassionate Care, veteran, and senior discounts cannot be combined with one another. Discounts only apply while supplies last. Blowout sales may only apply to included lots of products. Please contact your local Pure Dakota Health store for any further questions.

New strain hitting the stores soon!

Here is a hint:

This strain is sought after for its ability to keep the user clear-headed, mentally stimulated, and full of creativity while also delivering a powerful body experience.

Stay tuned for more details!