Savings for the new year start now! Check out these weekly deals.

This week's sales in Fargo include:

15% off Yukon Kush Quarters

Flavors of sweet candy, pine, and lemon

10% off Blue Hashplant Eighths

Flavors of blueberry, herbal, and earth

10% off Pineapple Chunk, Sour Diesel & GDP PDO

 A full-spectrum oil that can be consumed by placing a drop or two under your tongue.

Sale prices are available 1/18-1/22. Discounts are on standard pricing only while supplies last. 

Compassionate Care, veteran, senior discounts, and punch cards do not stack with weekly sales, blowout sales, special event day sales, holiday sales, or BOGO sales. Additionally, Compassionate Care, veteran, and senior discounts cannot be combined with one another. Discounts only apply while supplies last. Blowout sales may only apply to included lots of products. Please contact your local Pure Dakota Health store for any further questions.