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 Introducing the newest strain: Untz Muffin

This well-rounded hybrid has been known to deliver fast physical body effects. Users can often expect an uplifting, peaceful, and euphoric wave of mental stimulation that may truly shine in the afternoon or evenings. 

Ready to try this new strain? Get Untz Muffin today!

Deals and Discounts


This week's sales in Bismarck include:

15% off Banana Cake Quarters

Sweet and spicy flavors.

10% off Cindy99 x Cheese Eighths

Flavors of cheese, skunk, and toffee.

10% off all Lotions and Roll-ons

Topicals infused with marijuana for possible relief.

Sale prices are available 2/21-2/25. Discounts are on standard pricing only while supplies last. 

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